Arts Education Internships at Rise Out

This semester we are launching a new arts program in Jamaica Plain for teenagers to take classes in music, filmmaking, and visual arts. When they are not in a class, they’ll have the opportunity to work on their own projects. We are seeking one or more interns to lead classes and to supervise the studio space where teens will be working independently.

This position comes with a $500-600 stipend. Lesley University has approved this site so Lesley students can also receive college credit if they're enrolled through Lesley's internship seminar program. Students at other colleges should check with their departments; Rise Out is happy to assist with whatever you need in the way of paperwork, evaluations, and other documentation to make this a for-credit opportunity. You may also apply if you are not currently a college student, though you must be over 18 and have completed high school. Former homeschoolers are encouraged to apply.

Job Description:

The program will run 10:00-3:00 on Mondays for 12 weeks, Jan. 22-Apr. 23 at Spontaneous Celebrations, a community center in Jamaica Plain. Interns should arrive half an hour early and stay half an hour at the end of the day to do set-up and clean-up. In addition to these hours, interns should devote approximately 1.5 hours/week to class preparation, promotional activities, and other tasks as needed (90 hours total for the semester).

Spontaneous Celebrations has off-street parking and is accessible by T.


  • Set up the art materials each morning and do clean-up at the end of the day. Assist other teachers with these tasks as necessary throughout the day.
  • Supervise students working in the studio on their own independent projects.
  • Lead at least one class or workshop of your own design. This could be one or more one-day workshops, an ongoing class that students take for an hour each week, or something in between (to be agreed upon with your supervisor). 
  • Come in each day ready to work on your own art projects! A key part of this internship is leading by example: high school students should see you, a college student, immersed in your own creative challenges. Come with a sketchbook, paints, a musical instrument, the storyboard for your film project, or whatever it is you’re working on and be prepared to spend the day doing your work alongside theirs.
  • That said, your supervisory duties come first. If there is a conflict or emergency that requires adult attention, you should be prepared to drop your own work and attend to the situation immediately for as long as is required to resolve the situation.
  • At the end of the semester, you should prepare a write-up of your experience suitable for posting on our web site, Facebook page, and other promotional materials.


  • The ideal candidate will be majoring in a subject related to arts or education. Arts majors should have a demonstrated interest in working with youth; education majors should have a demonstrated interest in the arts. If you are not majoring in a subject related to arts or education, please describe any experience you have with either field and why you think this position is a good fit for you.
  • Ability to plan and execute a class or workshop with minimal supervision. You’ll be given considerable freedom in designing the course you teach. Our classes have no grades, no testing, and no set curriculum, which gives you a level of flexibility you won’t find in schools and other structured settings. But we do require that teachers have a plan for each lesson. Prior to beginning a course, you should be prepared to submit a syllabus to your supervisor and have a discussion about the goals you’ve outlined for its successful execution.
  • Familiarity with homeschooling is not required, but acceptance of homeschooling is a must. Our students (and their parents) are comfortable with their decision to leave high school and will expect that you are, too.
  • A positive, confident, professional attitude when interacting with staff and students. There will be other teachers and interns on-site; you are expected to cooperate with them as you would with co-workers in any professional setting.
  • Flexibility and compassion. In every program we run, we have students dealing with depression and anxiety, students who have recently left school due to bullying or other trauma, students who are very shy, and students whose commitment to a particular class is marginal since they are juggling many other activities. If you have rigid ideas about what a “good” student looks like and are unwilling to be flexible in your expectations, this position is not a good fit for you.
  • Excellent attendance record. We are required to maintain a certain teacher:student ratio for legal reasons. We are a small program and a single teacher absence causes significant disruption to our programming. If work or school attendance is something you’ve struggled with in the past, this position is not a good fit for you.


Students who successfully complete the internship will receive a $500 stipend at the end of the semester. Perfect attendance carries an additional $100 stipend.

To Apply:

Send an e-mail to Laura Fokkena at Include your resume as an attachment as a PDF or MS Word document. Resumes in other formats will not be considered. In the body of the e-mail, describe why you are interested in the position and what you believe you could contribute to our program. Be sure to include your contact information and the best time(s) to reach you.

All applications will be kept on file, though not all applicants will be contacted. If you do not hear from us within 14 days, assume we have not chosen your application and feel free to look for other opportunities. Rise Out has a small staff and unfortunately cannot respond to every e-mail.