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Witch Hunts (Voyagers)

The Cold War (Voyagers)

Dystopian Literature (Voyagers)

Digital Photography 101 (Cambridge)

Photography 102: Learning Your Camera (Cambridge)

Alternative Photography Processes Workshop (Cambridge)

Filmmaking 101 (Cambridge)

Songwriting and Music Improv (Cambridge)



Writing: Professional Communication (Online)

Writing: The Personal Essay (Online)

Writing: The Research Paper (Online)



Spring, 2017

20th Century German History (Voyagers)
Serial (Voyagers)
Youth Participatory Action Research (Voyagers)
Photography 102: Photo Techniques (Cambridge)

FALL, 2016

Digital Photography 101 (Cambridge)
German Language (Voyagers)
20th Century German History (Voyagers)
Understanding 9/11 (Voyagers)
Youth Participatory Action Research (Voyagers)

SPRING, 2016

Science Fiction and Social Issues (Voyagers)
Immigration in America (Voyagers)
College Prep and College Writing (Voyagers)
STEAM Club (Cambridge)

Fall, 2015

Film Group: Gender and the Media (Voyagers) 
To Kill a Mockingbird (Voyagers)
College Prep and College Writing (Voyagers)
STEAM Club (Cambridge)

Spring, 2015

Film Group: International Human Rights (Voyagers)
College Writing (Voyagers)
Independent Education Project (Voyagers)
STEAM Club (Cambridge)

Fall, 2014

German History and Language (Voyagers)
College Prep (Voyagers and Cambridge)
Independent Education Project (Voyagers)
STEAM Club (Cambridge)


Independent Education Project (Cambridge)

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