Initial Consultation
Do you want to leave school? Are your parents weighing the pros and cons of supporting that decision? Have you already left school, but feel like you’re adrift? Contact Rise Out to schedule a 30-minute phone conversation.


Personal Learning Plan
Anyone can drop out of high school. Rising out takes research. In consultation with you and your family, Rise Out will develop a comprehensive plan to help manage the transition out of high school and into higher education.

By definition, every plan will be different, since each one is customized to the unique interests of the student. But some of the things we consider include:

  • Legal status: Should you register as a homeschooler, transfer to a different high school, get an alternative diploma, or start college early?
  • Future plans: If college is a goal, how can you meet the entrance requirements without taking normal high school classes? If college is not a goal, what would you like to do instead, and how can you get there?
  • Extracurriculars: How can you use the city (or the world) as your classroom?
  • Signaling: Without school, how will you show colleges and employers what you have accomplished?
  • Resources: Where do you go to find more information?


Ongoing Support
Many teens would benefit from an independent, customized education outside of traditional high school, but they worry that they’ll quit school and then “do nothing.” We find that’s rarely the case.

However, it does help to have the support of someone who holds you accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself, who can lead you to opportunities you might have missed, and who has experience dealing with educational bureaucracy. After developing a personal learning plan, students who want ongoing support through Rise Out will receive the following:

  • Assistance with the red tape required to leave school legally
  • Help finding affordable classes, activities, camps, tutors, books, and other resources
  • Monthly consultations to discuss goals and progress
  • Information about standardized tests, including timely reminders about registration deadlines
  • Help with the college admissions process
  • Mentoring
  • Moral support and cheerleading

Rise Out takes this role very seriously, so space is limited. Participants do not need to have firm plans for their future (or even their present!), but they must be motivated and willing to challenge themselves.


College Course Advising
Perhaps you’ve already been accepted to college. Or perhaps you’re still at home, but want to take some college classes for credit. You’ve talked to an advisor at your school of choice, but you didn’t get all the information you needed. Or worse, you sense that you’re being steered into remedial or redundant classes because you don’t have a traditional diploma.

Most college counselors are great, but we also know students who have spent over a year and thousands of dollars taking classes they don’t need due to poor advising. This is a special risk for students with unusual educational trajectories – busy advisors see “high school drop-out” and make recommendations accordingly.

We will go over your academic plan and make sure you are placed in appropriate classes, and that you are getting any credit for previous work to which you are entitled. If you’re starting college early and plan to change schools later, we can tell you which credits will likely transfer, which ones probably won’t, which ones will “double-count” to meet multiple pre-requisites, and which ones will look best on your transcript if that’s a concern. In some cases we can advise you on testing out of elementary requirements.

Photography credit: Laura Fokkena