Media Policies and Agreements



Many Rise Out sites have an online component through a site called Canvas. This is where the course facilitator posts the week's readings, videos, discussion questions, writing prompts, and other material. This helps everyone -- facilitator, student, and parents -- keep things organized in one place, and also prepares students for college, where it is now the norm for every class to have an online component.

Before class begins, the student will receive an e-mailed invitation to enroll in the Canvas class, and his or her parent will receive an invitation to join as an observer. You must confirm this invitation by clicking on the link provided, and then log in each week to view new content. Skipping this step, or delaying it until late in the semester, will make it hard for the student to keep up with class discussions.



Several Rise Out classes make heavy use of movies and other multimedia. Some videos are posted directly to the course web site. In other cases, we ask that you take out a Netflix subscription. This will be noted under "course fee" in the class descriptions.

Every attempt is made to find movies that are offered through Netflix streaming, but this is not always possible. Therefore we ask that you have a Netflix subscription which includes the DVD option, and that you be mindful of the course schedule so that each DVD arrives a week or so in advance, giving the student time to watch it before class. This is considered part of the course fee and overall course planning.

If you do not wish to add the DVD option -- or if you wish to forego a Netflix subscription altogether -- movies are often available at your local library. They might also be available through, YouTube, or iTunes for free or for a small rental fee (usually two or three dollars). Some movies can also be found on It's fine if you elect not to use Netflix, but in that case it is your responsibility to find an alternative source for each movie. A film list will be sent to you before the semester begins to help you in your planning. 

Unfortunately all of these sites add and drop content on an ongoing basis, and it's not always possible to predict in advance which movies will be available, on which sites, for a specific cost, during the week we planned to watch them. If a movie suddenly becomes unavailable on Netflix and cannot be found elsewhere (either free or for a $2-3 fee), we will adjust the schedule accordingly. 

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.



It has come to our attention that some families' parental controls block most or all of YouTube content. Most Rise Out classes use the occasional YouTube video, and some classes ask that students watch an hour or more of YouTube content every week. 

We realize that many of our high school students have younger siblings, and that employing strong parental controls is one way for families to monitor and control young children's internet use. Unfortunately this makes it difficult for high schoolers to be full participants in the course, since our group discussions often revolve around videos assigned during the week. If possible, please allow your teen to have YouTube access through your firewall or internet filtering program, and/or arrange for them to have supervised time at another space, such as a public library, to complete the week's assignments.


General Media:

As with all things in life, "homework" is optional. We realize that time constraints and technical glitches will inevitably impede some students from watching everything assigned by the date it is due. If you find yourself in that situation, don't stress! Please come to class anyway: group discussions constitute the core of every course.