Don't drop out. Rise out!


What does Rise Out do?

Rise Out helps teens leave high school (legally!) and develop an alternative education plan, one that supports their academic goals but also leaves time for other activities they want to pursue.  

We offer:

  • help with the legalities and logistics of exiting the school system
  • academic classes, discussion groups, and extracurricular activities for homeschoolers
  • help finding internships
  • help creating independent projects
  • help with the college admissions process
  • educational consulting for families new to homeschooling
  • moral support and cheerleading!

See the Classes and Activities page for more information.

Who Does Rise Out serve?

  • Students who want to spend less time in a classroom and more time traveling, working, or volunteering
  • Students who want to homeschool, but don’t have a stay-at-home parent to facilitate their education 
  • Students who are already homeschooling and seeking new opportunities
  • Students who want to start college early
  • Students who are being harassed or bullied and want to leave school because they feel unsafe, but don’t want to sacrifice their education or their college aspirations
  • Students who attend crowded or chaotic schools and want to get a better education, but can’t leave their local school district and can’t afford private school
  • Students who are passionate about a single subject like art or science and want to spend more time pursuing it
  • Students who want to design their own high school curriculum
  • Any or all of the above!


Photography credit: Cody Neuendorf