Waiver POLICY:

Rise Out is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that waives all fees for families who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Family qualifies for TANF

  • Family qualifies for SNAP (food stamps)

  • Family qualifies for WIC

  • Family lives in public housing

  • Student or a sibling qualifies for a full Pell Grant

  • Student is currently in foster care

  • Student is currently living in a group home or residential facility and is under age 21

Use the form on the Contact page to hold your child's place in a class, and bring relevant photocopies to the first class session. All information will be kept confidential.

Note: The following circumstances are common to many homeschooling families in the greater Boston area, so in and of themselves do not qualify students for waivers:

  • Student comes from a one-income household.

  • Student has several siblings.

  • Student (or his/her siblings) are enrolled in many other activities.

  • Family has reduced income because one or both parents are in the area temporarily on a fellowship or in a graduate program.

If you do not qualify for a waiver, you may request a payment plan.



Students may attend the first two hours of a 12-hour class and drop with a full refund. After that point, he or she owes the full class fee even if he or she drops the class later in the term and even if he or she is absent for several sessions. Please respect this. We understand that homeschoolers are juggling many activities and that sometimes scheduling conflicts arise midway through a term. But Rise Out sets its budget at the beginning of each semester, and with it our financial commitments to our partners and families. It is very disruptive when parents on a payment plan want to retroactively pro-rate their fees because their children have suddenly taken on other projects, mid-semester.

With that understanding, Rise Out offers payment plans to all families who request one. Please use the form on the Contact page to describe a payment schedule that works for you.



  • A $10 per-class discount is available to all Voyagers members for all classes held at Voyagers.

  • A $25 per-class discount is available to students whose art or photography is used on this web site.

  • Occasionally other discounts and scholarships are offered on a class-by-class basis. These will be listed under the course descriptions on the class registration page.