Congratulations Liz!

Congratulations to Liz, who received her high school diploma yesterday! Liz was one of Rise Out’s very first students. This is what she had to say:

Best experience and a great opportunity to anyone who needs to finish high school or help with college options:

Rise Out helped me finish high school and get my diploma when I had no money, and very few options. When I had just half of a class left to finish (5 credits), every other option me and my school counselor had looked into would have made me repeat an ENTIRE semester’s worth of work. So instead of having to finish only half of a class, I would have had to take an entire semester worth of classes.

On top of that I would have had to PAY to do such.

When my friend referred me to Rise Out, Laura was able to help me find a way to finish my class online, just what I needed without the excess classes and work. Laura was flexible and kept in touch throughout the entire course, making sure I didn’t fall behind and giving me encouragement when I needed it! Since I also had no way to pay for my online class, I was given a grant which paid for my class, my book, and the other fees associated with signing up for the course.

Now, the course is over: I have my diploma and can now move on to finally starting college when I am ready, and can afford it. Rise Out is also helping me look into ways to help find and figure out ways to be able to complete college. This has helped me more than I could have ever imagined and I am extremely grateful and would recommend it to anyone who needs help finishing high school, or help with looking into college.
THANK YOU!! This has opened so many doors and opportunities for me and I will forever be grateful for being able to have had this option and opportunity.
— Liz Davis

Liz is planning to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. We’ll be keeping up with her, and look forward to hearing about her future endeavors!